This Absurd Place

“This Absurd Place” confronts the pollution of the familiar physical world, as metaphysical anguish and depersonalisation begin to transform the immediate environment, one merely witnesses existence as fleeting moments. It is made up of an entangles inner (endo) outter (exo) and entire (holos) absurd experience.

“Endo” is  a performance made up of a library of 100 videos recorded over the space of a year. Each video is manipulated live through MIDI controls (faders, cross faders, knobs and modulation wheels) these controls alter properties like tints, warps, opacities, play speed and fidelity. The controls also simultaneously manipulate the music, with filters, effects, volume fades send tracks etc. This was performed live as part of the act “Caedan” with support from Sunbird Records.

“Exo” is a program that displays a library of 10 videos on a generative framework, manipulated live by a performer. A video is loaded and displayed. Depending on how many keys the performer presses on the keyboard changes how bright/opaque the video is; 1 key 10% 2 keys 20% etc. When all the keys are released a new video is generatively selected and loaded to begin the process again. In this way the musical ideas of stabbing staccato chords, arpeggios or minimal voicing are reflected directly on the visuals displayed. This was performed live by Caedan and Tom Adams.
“Holosabsurdum” is the marriage of an endoabsurd and exoabsurd existence, in a co-operative effort to materialise an entirety of an absurd exisence. The apotheosis of absurdity, a full emersion in meaninglessness. Something that may contain an almost poetic peacefulness an paradoxical optimism in the acceptance and ownership on ones architected absurd.

“Holos” shows a live reactive visual program demo, including preliminary setup. The movements of the dancer correspond to the keys of a keyboard (each key like a key frames) each pose is ‘tweened’ between creating thousands of possible variations. To maintain a continuity in the dance the keys can be pressed in order from left to  right, but jumping between keys sporadically composes new movements. The keys also trigger samples of ambient dronescape music making a seamless convergence between live audio and live visuals in a performative context.

 This project was exhibited at the 2013 D&AD New Blood exhibition and was featured in Creative Review’s highlights of the show.