Graphic Events: Wandering Encounters

A shonky pop-up exhibition and talk at Bishops Court, Prague. Exhibition description:

In February 2023, James Dyer spoke at PCU as part of the Visiting Artists Lecture Series (VALS). He spoke about his book, co-edited with Nick Deakin, Graphic Events: A Realist Account of Graphic Design. A core theme of Graphic Events is our pedestrian habit to overlook the specific ways that graphics exist in day-to-day life; the ways they are peeling, chipped, weathered, obscured, worn, outdated, covered over, and so on. These particular ways that banal graphics exist, it is argued, surpass the intentions of design. Dyer’s lecture was followed by a workshop. Students were instructed to photograph everyday graphic events in Prague. Soon after the workshop, in collaboration with Ondřej Fučík, students were invited to continue photographing their everyday experiences of graphic events. Exhibited here are their wandering encounters.

Airu Horikawa
Tamta Mamatelashvili
Lizi Mishveladze
Nini Mishveladze
Ademi Myrzaliyeva
Carolina Tognonato