DAMN° 85 – Deceived Deceivers

Deceived Deceivers addresses the pervasiveness of self-deception in design, a disciline dependent on trickery and cunning. It calls for newly cautios and attentive design writing that is wary of this seductive, designerly magic. 
DAMN issue 85 is dedicated to MAGIC — we look to those artists, architects and designers who are exploring the complex connection between magic and technology; who are toying with belief, the impossible, altered minds, love, and the mystery of Nature, to allow us to query our own understanding of the world. Because, like Shakespeare and Freud, artists, intellectuals and writers will never stop believing. Even if it’s difficult to explain why or how in clear and rational language, enchantment and wizardry are essential elements of life.

See Gabrielle Kennedy’s Editorial intro to issue 85 here