Wearable technology has been a popular trending topic, in an accessible commercial sense, over the past few years. Although it is not a recent innovation, see Steven Mann’s WearComp (1984), Hugo Gernsback’s Teleyeglasses (1936) or Ivan Sutherlands The Sword of Damocles (1968). This media archaeological investigation will predominantly take form as a hermeneutic interpretation in concern with wearable technology. Utilising archival materials specifically produced around the advent of ‘new’ technologies, using materials such as adverts, print commercials, seminars, newspapers and digital folksonomies, I will analyse and juxtapose different forms of technology in an attempt to disrupt the “tranquillity” with which certain reflexive categories, classifications and rules are produced. The interpretation of Michel Foucault’s ‘statement’ and ‘discursive formation’, as well as the understanding of Erkki Huhtamo’s usage of ‘topos’, will inform this investigation into wearable technology. It will be with purposeful intent not to assess the current interest in wearable technology through a chronological analysis. That is to say, not to “excavate” early forms of wearable technologies to then illustrate them as prerequisites for contemporary innovations. Rather, I am assessing wearable technology as a series of manifested statements.