More than just a fable. Amongst the vast stone ruins in Zimbabwe “discovered” by  European explorers in the later part of the nineteenth century were found two golden birds. These were in what is thought to have been a Shona temple of the Sun. These golden birds represent swallows — the “Sunbirds” of the ancient Bantu religion — often referred to by poets and story—tellers in the old Bantu tradition as able to fly higher and swifter than even the mighty eagles.

More than just a label. Sunbird Records was initially created as a way of promoting the work of “The Full Zimbabwe”, but gradually developed into a small community of musicians, generally working at “Zig Zag (Recording Services)” in Darwen, Lancashire. The relaunched Sunbird Records is now a cross disciplinary community, actively encouraging a diverse, sometimes extreme, collective of artists and musicians spanning the worlds of established and alternative music styles, dance, photography and film. The label is now home to a new generation of cutting edge artists and designers, as well as alumni spanning nearly 15 years.

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