Caedan is a misanthropic audio visual act from Huddersfield based creative practitioner James Dyer. He uses deconstructive techniques to mould ambient dronescape sounds out of field samples, custom synth pads and analogue instruments. The act was initially created to apply a dialogue between prosaic academic studies and passionate conceptual expression; creating a platform to express philosophical concepts with intent to deliver a visceral engagement and empathetic understanding of, predominantly, abstract ideas. With key thematic interests in existentialism and absurdity, personal studies lead to the development of a tripartite theory of absurdity, which is denoted to the prefixed titles on the three track EP This Absurd Place; Exo – outer absurdity, Endo – inner absurdity and Holos – the whole absurdity. This EP is the personal account of Caedan’s absurd existence, recounted with a melancholic romance as the music becomes an ephemeral catharsis. Each track was performed and recorded live from his Preston based bedroom studio.

Caedan Hawthorne Poster