I am currently in the third year of a full time PhD at the University of Huddersfield. I am applying a critical form of comparative philosophy to discourses of innovation concerned with the recent emergence of self-tracking fitness and health devices. A certain limit to the purview of critical and popular writings on this nascent topic is identified. Most notably, it is discovered there is an intensive commitment to early modernist forms of substance-metaphysics. Following this finding, I embellish the fault line between substance and process by conducting a process-philosophical investigation of self-tracking. This is a way to problematize self-tracking, and to bring its radically contingent being and condition of processual becoming, to the foreground of critical examination.


I contribute to the research group G.

G … is for Graphic

Composed of graphic designers, theorists, and photographers, G is the first research group to be developed in graphics within the School. The central aim of the group is to expand our understanding of the word ‘graphic’ through a series of seminars, conferences, publications, exhibitions, and both text and practice based Phds. Themes currently explored by the group include: DesignArt, Design Fiction, The Design Studio, DIY Design and the Editor as Art Director.